In the near future, Sydney is collapsing into chaos. The internet disappears, the water isn’t running and the electricity goes out. An academic and a medical student try to smuggle themselves out of the country. But when their boat gets stopped, they are interned on an island detention centre somewhere in the Indian Ocean…

‘One of the reasons Joshua’s scenes are so compelling is that they could be set today, right now, and that they are set in the world – the Sydney, and the Blue Mountains – that we know….The way Joshua paces and interweaves these narratives, uses them to maintain suspense – the erotics of this text, if you like – is close to masterful.’ - David Brooks, author of The Fern Tattoo and The Grass Library.

‘In the vein of M. Barnhard Eldershaw’s cult classic Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Offshore constructs a near future that’s vivid, terrifying, and eerily feasible.’ ‐ Shaun Prescott, author of The Town.

Winner of the 2019 Viva la Novella prize, Offshore is published by Seizure, an imprint of Brio Books, and is available to purchase in bookshops across Australia and New Zealand. Here are links to buy the book at some of my favourite bookshops:

Internationally, the best way to order the book is direct from Seizure’s website.

Links to buy the book at other shops, including online retailers, can be found on the website of Brio’s distributor, Hardie Grant Publishing, at the relevant page.

Offshore will also be available shortly as an ebook - I will update this page with the details as soon as that’s ready.