Less Than Nothing

At the Overland blog, I wrote on the Fairfax job cuts, the crisis of journalism, and the (lack of) solidarity in the digital m

The View from Nowhere

My latest piece for the Sydney Review of Books examines Aamir Mufti’s Forget English! Orientalisms and World Literature

Jez we can! (But which ‘we’?)

In the Overland website, I’ve written about the Labour leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn’s candidature and the E

Globes – Peter Sloterdijk

Back in 2012 I reviewed Bubbles, the first volume of Peter Sloterdijk’s Spheres trilogy, for the LA Review of Books.

Against Progress: Dreams, Nightmares, and the Meaning of Abbott

We might first affirm the strangeness of dreams, their resistance to interpretation, their symbolic excess that can never be c

Dubplate literature: distribution beyond the market

I’m presenting a paper today at the Independent Publishing Conference. Abstract: The trajectories of the commercial imp

(Pre)historical fiction

During the month of September, I’ve been the guest blogger for Southerly, the journal of the English department at Syd

Crowds vs Clouds

In an essay-length review, I looked at three books on social media for the Sydney Review of Books: Jaron Lanier’s Who

New Trad, volume 1

The first volume of poetry journal New Trad has been published. New Trad originates in an idea I’ve had for a few year

Against World Literature – Emily Apter

For a book that sets out to deflate ‘the expansionism and gargantuan scale of world-literary endeavors’, Against World Li