Literatures of Worlds #1

I’ve just sent off the first issue of my new monthly newsletter, ‘Literatures of Worlds’. In the August issue I write about the IFFP / Man Booker International merger, problems of translation and other literary news from around the world(s):

European culture may be bankrupt, according to Houellebecq, but no one has told the Culture Programme of the European Union, which awarded its seventh Prize for Literature this year. I say seventh, but each year there are eleven or twelve winners, chosen from their respective countries, which are rotated from a membership, currently thirty-seven but fluctuating between each three-year cycle. It’s a typically byzantine arrangement, and most bizarrely of all, no attempt is made to pick an overall winner among this year’s dozen. Perhaps the mandarins in Brussels were too concerned to avoid ruffling nationalist sensibilities to allow competition between writers of different states…

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