Meeting the Colonel

‘This is not England, Mr Rahman,’ said Sajid firmly. ‘The people here are not educated. We do our best to improve things, but we face a mountain of ignorance and a swamp of superstition. They are confused. They don’t know what they want. This is a fine city, but its people are still mountain folk at heart. They will believe any claptrap their tribal elders tell them; and the elders are stuck in the past. There are power hungry mullahs too who want to cause trouble. That’s why there has been so much strife over the last two years. No, Mr Rahman, you will not learn anything from the poor muddle-headed people out there.’ He gestured beyond the high fences, barbed and electrified, that cut the palace off from the rest of the city…

My story ‘Meeting the Colonel’ will be published in March as part of this year’s Sketch, an annual collection of fiction, poetry, art and digital design.

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