C.J. Johnson’s Hollywood Ending

Its coherence as a piece of theatre is a credit to writer C.J. Johnson and director Tim Roseman, who pioneered the ‘Rapid Wr

The Echo

It was possible, if you knew the nature of the Echo’s walls, and had enough patience, to hear old sounds return, and glimpse

Kate Mulvany’s Medea at Belvoir Theatre

The theatre cannot compete with television, and should not try. What it can offer us is a few moments away from the tyranny

Bubbles – Peter Sloterdijk

…Sloterdijk’s trilogy is nothing if not a giant meta-narrative, wheels within wheels, an heroically immodest exercise

Fearism / Sudoku

The latest issue of Otoliths is out today. Among the varied & experimental pieces is my poem ‘Fearism / Sudoku̵

Ebooks, through a jaundiced eye

On the Kindle, if I switch from Los Angeles Review of Books Vol. 1 to a free copy of Middlemarch, I see no difference in ho

Sport for Jove’s production of Macbeth

Little girls as witches? A nuanced, emotionally sensitive Macbeth? Of course I wanted to watch with an open mind, and to enjo

The state is not the remedy but the poison

The state does provide some safeguard against the Randian dystopia of totally unfettered dollar power dreamed of by capitalist

Something’s rotten at the heart of Sydney University

On the surface, it has never shown so attractive a face to the world. In the evening, walking back towards City Road, the glas

Belvoir Street Theatre’s production of As You Like It

… The asides are like amusing marginalia scribbled on the pages of a well-thumbed library book; this irreverent approach