Pre-historical fiction

This month, I’ve been the guest blogger for Southerly. I’ve been travelling through Europe without a laptop, so it’s been tricky getting the posts typed up and sent off at times! But it’s also been a great opportunity to reflect on my trip, which was a research trip for a work of what I’m calling ‘pre-historical’ fiction (apparently, ‘prehistoric fiction’ is the usual term, but that sounds like the fiction itself is prehistoric, which would refer to something entirely different – narratives from pre-literate oral traditions, or something like that – so I’m sticking with my own awkward coinage).

All the posts are up now – here they are:

  1. Historical fiction
  2. (Pre)historical fiction
  3. Mode, genre and time
  4. Klekkende Høj

There is a new issue of Southerly (the journal itself) coming out soon, too. I’ve got a piece in there as well; I’ll link that up once it’s launched.